Currently, we are aggressively driving at ensuring we have the Consumer Protection Act to enhance consumer protection in the country

Lobbying & Advocacy

As a watchdog, the CCZ represents consumers by influencing government to enact laws that protect them, thus creating a platform for fair trading practices. Over the years we have successfully lobbied for the following consumer protection legislation:


  • Small Claims Court Act, 1992
  • Consumer Contract Act, 1994
  • Patients Charter
  • Competition Act, 199
  • Class Action Act, Chapter 8:17
The CCZ handles a diversity of complaints between consumers and service providers and by so doing acts as an arbitrator between disputing parties. CCZ assists consumers to get redress whenever they are prejudiced in trade. In areas where it cannot help, the organization refers the cases to the Small Claims Court or lawyers or any such other places where consumers can be assisted.
Consumer education is one of the core competencies of the CCZ. The organization therefore goes out to educate consumers on their rights and responsibilities through lectures, articles and advice in the print and electronic media, discussions, workshops, seminars to enable consumers to make informed decisions in the market place.
The CCZ carries out regular price surveys, which enables it to monitor price trends of commodities. From these findings, a family of six basket for a low income urban earner is produced. The family of six budget is used by many employees, workers councils for wage negotiations and by individual to do their monthly shopping budgets.
The CCZ also carries out regular surveys on topical consumer issues for the benefit of consumers and to enhance lobbying and advocacy.